In this world of hyper exposure and radical intimacy I have found that more times then not I tend to be the opposite. My authenticity is to live a private life and to be honest, I have become increasingly introverted over time.  If it was up to me I would love for the product to speak for itself and allow you guys to determine if you like it or not. My happy place is usually in isolation on a deserted beach in Bali or meditating on the lava flows from an active volcano in Hawaii.  As I embark on my tenth year in business and as one of the pioneers in the “New” street luxury segment, my brand has been built on quality, hardwork and loyal customers, like you! Times are changing and I recognize that so are the methods of communication as well as the mediums. I feel extremely fortunate to be in the position I’m in and to live the life I do. I feel compelled to venture outside my comfort zone and share my story in the hopes it will help others follow their dreams and passions just like I did.  Recently, I had an opportunity to tell a bit of my story to a great group of guys from THE HUSTLE SOLD SEPARATELY Podcast. Many of you have reached out inquiring about my story and the origins of Android Homme so this should help answer some of your questions. We delved into some of my past, present and future! The topics we discuss range from entrepreneurship, biohacking, the sneaker business and how I keep a healthy mindset through all the ups and downs. Host’s Matt & Cody and I also talk about how and why I decided to start Android Homme in 2008 (Yes almost 10 years ago, True OG in this game!). We go waaaay back through my personal and professional history and how my unimaginable journey has shaped me as a father, entrepreneur, and designer.  

Do me a solid.. Take a listen, follow the podcast and then leave me some feedback on the @androidhomme instagram page.  Tag me @javierlaval and I will be picking ONE or maybe TWO of you and sending you a private gift code.  Whether you loved it, hated it, or want to hear more please let me know..

Fuck Fear, All Love.

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